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Passionate Coaching Professional

Helping You Move Forward

Before I tell you about me, I have a question for you. Who are you? Are you living a life that brings you joy, that is authentic, and that is true to who you are? 

What are your dreams for your life? 

Whether you are single, married, working, studying, we all have dreams for how we want our lives to look like. 

What is stopping you from taking those incredible dreams you have and turning them into a reality? 

Is it fear? Confusion? Self-doubt? Not enough time? Lack of direction or motivation?

There are so many factors that can hold us back from living a life we have dreamed about. We are bombarded by messages daily on how to live a certain way, but we need to come back to allow ourselves to be true to who we really are. 

I created Be You Project because women are powerful beings. And I believe that we are even more powerful when we are authentic to who we really are. No facades, no hiding behind each other, no competition with each other, but putting practical steps into our lives that will help remove any barrier that might be getting in our way and holding us back.  

As a certified life coach, I will be your cheerleader and support, to give you space and the platform you need to be you, and in turn to help you live the life you desire.