30 and single...

On Saturday one of my exes got married to the love of his life whilst at the same time I was doing grocery shopping. And it got me thinking.

It’s so easy to spiral into an emotional pit and begin thinking well they won and I’m here stuck at home with nothing going on for me. It’s so easy to look at photos of them smiling together, celebrating their wonderful union, and me stuffing my face with cake.

But instead of feeling sorry for myself in the fact that I am still single and far from being married. Which is obviously a desire of mine. Instead of wallowing in pity, I accepted that he got married and is happy and I’m single and I’m happy. I could truly say that I was happy for my ex and his now wife. And to be honest that was a pretty good and liberating feeling!

I’ve come to realise in my life that we all have our own journey to walk and that means things will happen at different times and in different ways for each one of us. Just because you are over 30, female and single doesn’t mean they have won and you have lost. I’m single, 30 and living with a housemate but I am truly in the best time of my life. I am feeling the most content I have ever felt in my life, and it really is an incredible feeling.

So, when those moments happen in your life that someone else got the promotion, got the car, the house, the wedding, the family that you have been only dreaming of don’t lose hope. Be sincerely happy for those people. And believe and understand that your time is coming and that you aren’t missing out on anything or anyone!

In fact, if you are 30+ and single, be courageous and make it the best time of your life.



Go on dates with yourself.

Make new friends.

Find fun hobbies.


And I’ll be here cheering for you.

Love from the 30-year single woman who is loving life xx